Monday, March 9, 2009

What really threatens marriage?

Gay marriage - the threat to marriage and even our very existence. So.... if gay people live together, we're not threatened. But if they get married and have legal rights that are the same as straight people, we are hurt..... how? Children might learn there are gay people? They will learn it anyways. It's way TOO LATE to shield my kid. We have good friends who are gay. Our son grew up knowing that some people prefer members of their own sex. He was four when he asked me if it was ok for a girl to love another girl - and I said yes. Is he gay? No. Does he know gay people? Yes. Does he care? Not one iota. He's more interested in their personalities, outlook on life, and common interests.

Isn't marriage about love, understanding, honesty, trust and commitment? You want to preserve the sanctity of marriage? Just check out the following article about a website called Their purpose? A place where a married person can find someone to have an affair with. I'm thinking I'll start to email some right wing politicians and church groups and ask them to publicly denounce this practice. That is, if they can find someone among themselves who is without sin to cast the first stone.

Seriously folks, just what is there to be afraid of? I've not heard one convincing argument. Not one. And hasn't anyone figured out that marriage is conservative? My generation invented living in sin. Our parents were horrified. Gay people are asking for radical things like the ability to get married, settle down, have job security, education, children, live their lives without fear, join the armed forces, visit their significant other in the hospital, share their pensions and donate blood to help people save lives. How is any of this damaging or radical? If I didn't know better, I would say it sounds almost Republican!

The best fear I've heard is "I'm just worried they'll register someplace expensive since they have better taste".

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