Thursday, March 5, 2009

feedback from a reader on the UCC post

I want to share an excellent comment left by a friend. Thank you! I had never looked at it this way. I don't know if separation of state and church applies as TV networks are privately owned, but it made me realize I've never seen an ad for a particular religion. Or if I have - it went over my head. I can't even begin to imagine if the churches that I disagree with started to run ads. TV networks want to just run their business (except for Fox, sorry can't help but throw that in). Besides, I can barely survive political ads and I can't survive the commercials on late night cable. :)

I will say I think the ads are clever and make people think. But then, I'm biased. :)
Here's the comment
"While these are good commercials and showing that their should be equality in the churches and the United Church of Christ shows equality in their churches, the issue here really would be separation of church and state. If these TV networks allowed religious commercials about churches on public broadcasting then separation of church and state here would really appear like it is null and void.I realize they have some TV programs to do with religion sometimes and some programs to do with talking about homosexuality and stuff. But to show commercials in the religious category I think would be something a little different and all other churches, no matter which denominations and no matter what they stand for could get in on commercials to the public view also if the United Church of Christ were to be allowed to air this on national TV stations.So while I agree this is great for the UCC to do and I appreciate the fact they accept everyone. It would not really be a good thing to advertise it as a commercial on these TV networks. "

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