Friday, March 13, 2009

So Many Things Are Happening

Happy Friday the 13th to all. I know that sounds a little weird to say considering Friday the 13th is sometimes looked at as scary. I've been so busy this week with a new project I started which shall remain hush hush at the moment except to only our closest members. So many errands and business stuff I had to do this week and started getting my brother's house more cleaned up and also did some of my own cleaning around here. Though both houses need more work done, at least my house is not all that bad compared to my brother's. So between errands, business, blogging, activism, cleaning houses, and the normal chores associated with taking care of a mother, animals and house it has been a very tiring week. One which I am glad to be seeing an ending to.

I've also had the opportunity this past week to speak on Google chat for a little bit to Father Bob O'Connell. Remember, the Catholic Priest from South Carolina. He is really quite interesting to talk with. Just seems to be a normal guy to hang out with. He had been practicing Roman Catholicism for many years but left that and has a wife he's been married to for some time. A Catholic Priest being married. It is quite amazing. He only recently became ordained as a priest in 2006. He left Roman Catholicism some time ago and is what he calls an "Old Catholic". The homosexuality issue never really came up in our conversation, it was mainly us just hanging out and talking.

What's different this week? I've just been invited to be a contributor on It Is Always Today. A blog authored by a friend who lives in the Madison, Wisconsin area. has a new look to his website which I think is neat. Apparently Jay has been getting some mixed views about his new look on there. It has ended up more or less of a tie so far on who likes it and who doesn't. Rebecca Campbell from Truth And Love After 40 has another new blog going called Blogging For Truth which you can check out. Also, Jay's partner Christopher has had a website going for just a bit called christophersays. This one is really worth checking out.

I have also finally been getting somewhere with a company who has been making my logo for my main website Out In Wisconsin. Jay from had originally came up with a draft of this particular logo and with some help from a company who makes professional logos at affordable prices, we have been going somewhere with it. Things were backed up for some time and so it took quite awhile to get back and actually pick the specific logo I wanted that they had drawn up for me. So now a business card design and a letter head design can be made up rather quickly and I hope I can be introducing the new logo to all of you soon.

So, that is what has been happening with me. I hope all of you are well and doing a great job working for equality for all of us. Wish you well!!!

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