Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1138 rights denied to gay couples

I see lots of posts of websites where people claim that gays have all the rights as straight people. I really love the "a gay man can marry a woman". Can an argument get more moronic than that?
The next time someone tells you that domestic partnerships or civil unions have the same rights, just point to this website. While some states have given some rights, there are many federal rights that are not extended to gay couples, even those that can legally marry.

Also, the website has some very heartbreaking stories. I asked a friend at work if I was being too political, as I occcasionally send LGBT allies information, asking them to sign petitions, etc. Her answer? You can never be too political when people are being denied basic rights, hated, killed and feared for just being who they are and not hurting anyone.

Good point. May your heart be open and mind clear and wise.

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