Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Well, it actually started yesterday

Monday, 3/2/09. Jim is diagnosed with strep throat and I have a sore throat. Not missing a beat, I call my doc to say "If he's got it, I have it". I go in, they give me antibiotics, I go home, feeling like crap.

We both toss and turn and we both stay home from work today. I haven't been sick all winter so of course, here it comes, 10 days before a vacation. So, I sit at my computer because I still have work. It feels like a day of watching the banner scroll across the bottom of CNN. I drink fluids, chicken soup, pee a lot, try to sleep, it doesn't work, try to listen to music, it doesn't work, try to watch tv, it doesn't work.

Work email after work email I deal with. So much for it really being a sick day. I toggle between work email and my personal email. First comes an email from Human Rights Campaign that hate crimes legislation will start to hit the floor of Congress. Can't remember if it is the House or Senate first but it is the Matthew Shepard Act and, goddamn it, ten years after that horrific murder of a young man who did nothing wrong, it is just TIME to get that act passed. So I sign the petition and email it to everyone I know. I am tempted to email everyone I don't know but I don't know how to do that.

More work, I beg my husband to buy Liptons boxed chicken noodle soup when he goes out for a medicine run. He tells me it is awful for me but it is comfort food because that is what my mom made when I was sick. I always preferred it to Campbells but we always had Campbells. Except for when I was sick. I guess because my mom was nice to me. And so is my husband.

Tea, juice, water, chicken soup, crackers, a few chocolate covered raisins, then more work, then more personal email.

Another piece of legislation!! A Congresswoman has introduced legislation to overturn Don't Ask Don't Tell. Two in one day for LGBT rights. I email my representative, then duh, realize, it's Tammy Baldwin, the only open lesbian in Congress so of course she will vote for it. Still, my voice is heard and once again I send it to everyone I know.

It's 5pm and now I wonder. If I stay home tomorrow, will I get an email that DOMA will be repealed? If I stay home on March 5th, the day of hearings in California for Prop 8, will it get repealed? Can all gay rights be obtained by me staying home sick? Should I stop the antibiotics to ensure they all get passed? I mean, I have like - 40 sick days. If the laws are all federal, I think we can squeeze them all in during 40 days. Kind of like Noah and the flood. Kind of like..... like I don't know what.

But sadly, I pretty much have to go to work. Just sssshhh. Don't let any legislators know.
Stay well and watch what you put down your throat.

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  1. I don't generally consider myself to be a superstitious kind of person, but...

    I'll keep the fact you're working secret, just in case.

    I do hope you are feeling better.