Thursday, March 19, 2009

Million Gay March

Well, I have gone and done something crazy. (My husband would say that this is not news). The folks at are looking for people to help organize marches nationwide on June 28th. This is the anniversary of Stonewall. I wrote and said that I would help.

They sent me a very nice email explaining some of what I need to do. Get a permit, a parade route, find other people to help, then it got to people videotaping and all of a sudden I thought "This isn't a bake sale - I need technology? Oooooh dear......" So I will be knocking on the door of every LGBT group in town, a 53 year old, somewhat overweight, with graying hair, white straight woman saying "Oh hello! Anyone here want to help me put on a march for gay rights?"
I've already contacted the LGBT folks from my church and they are so tickled that I'm doing this. Their reply was "WOW" and "how can we help?"

So send your ideas, suggestions, cautions and support. I'll keep everyone informed of where this goes.

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