Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LGBT for Uptight Straight People - No Offense, Maggie and Carrie

Many years ago, my main mentor as a scientist taught me that "If someone starts a sentence with no offense, it means they are going to say something that offends you".

No offense, Maggie and Carrie, but gay marriage hurts no one. Children that have gay parents do as well as children who have a mother and a father.

No offense, Maggie and Carrie, but your social views are not shared by everyone in this country. Over 50% of Americans believe in same sex marriage, another 20 to 25% believe in civil unions.

No offense, Maggie and Carrie, but your religion is no proof of how God feels about LGBT people.

No offense, Maggie and Carrie, but I would not want my child around either of you. I am straight and have been married to the same man for 32 years. We have raised our son to love and respect all people. This includes the many gay, lesbian and transgendered friends that we have. Friends that we have visited, have stayed in our home, we have stayed in their homes. Friends that we have dinner with, go to movies, go shopping, go on vacations, and just plain enjoy them for the people that they are.

No offense, Maggie and Carrie but I believe that making marriage available to everyone strengthens society and all families. Marriage is first and foremost a legal contract that protects families financially and provides over 1138 legal rights to married couples. Marriage is a social institution, presumably based on commitment, trust, love and monogamy. Sadly, straight people have done a wonderful job of destroying it's meaning. Last, marriage is a conservative institution. It means settling down, being responsible to one's spouse and children and persevering through tough times.

No offense, Maggie and Carrie but please explain to me how same sex marriage will hurt you. Gay couples are already living together, already having children. Marriage will improve their lives and not hurt you. The only thing that will be hurt is your bigotry, which sadly you aren't able to see.

No offense, Maggie and Carrie, but I'm sure glad to know you won't be offended by any of my comments.


  1. I couldn't have stated this any better myself. Give it to 'em geekgirl.

  2. Way back when I was a kid and someone said "no offense" it was because they were about to make a comment which might be taken to be offensive. The thing is that the comment was not intended to be offensive.

    Maggie and Carrie just don't seem to understand that saying "no offense" doesn't make sense if you are already intending to offend an entire community. Hello Maggie and Carrie ?!?!?!

    They probably won't be offended by your comments - because they just don't seem to have the capacity to understand the situation. ;)