Saturday, May 23, 2009

I love holiday weekends

Today I slept in, went to Star Trek. We need another Gene Roddenberry. His vision of our possible future was so positive. We can change everything that is wrong. Ok, almost everything. We can feed people. We can find new sources of energy. We can provide medical care and education. We can continue to find cures and preventions for diseases. We can take care of the planet. We can make peace and respect one another. All of these are humanly possible.

Can you do one thing every day that changes the world? Can you be the change you want to see? What matters more to you than anything? Whose life can you touch, even if it's just a smile and sharing a joke?

Practice random acts of kindness. Practice intentional acts of kindness. It doesn't have to cost money. Reuse your grocery bags. Walk when possible. Turn off the lights. Volunteer through your church or school. Write to your Congressman. Put your unneeded items on Freecycle. Help a friend fix something. Hold open the door for someone. Give up your seat on the bus for someone. Buy just one food item grown locally. Meditate for five minutes. Remind yourself of all the people that love you. Be grateful for what you have. Help those who have less.

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  1. This is beautiful. All of the acts of kindness you mention - even just one of them - would mean so much to somebody. One of them which is more personal is also so very important. Doing something nice for yourself - not having anything to do with money (currency) or pride or others noticing.

    Even the United Federation of Planets did not deal with currency - they had no need, but they had (will have??) a lot of respect for other people

    Thank-you Gene Roddenberry.
    Thank-you Geekgirl : )