Saturday, May 2, 2009

LGBT for Straight States that border Iowa

Iowa was the dark horse in the race for LGBT folks to gain equal marriage rights. No one saw it coming. Not even those of us who live in bordering states. I know Iowans. They tend to be quiet, hard working, fair minded, optimistic, kind, welcoming, strong willed, sensible, intelligent and unassuming.

Their Supreme Court voted unanimously. Their state legislature and governor have resisted attempts by anti-gay groups to overturn the ruling. And this video brings it all home. No hokey storm, no attempts at fear. It takes the high road, it is intelligent, compassionate and focused on equality. It is simple and down to earth, just like Midwesterners. Other than Illinois's habit of having governors who end up in jail, we having fairly boring politics.

I live next to Iowa so I will let you know when that "storm" comes. You see, they have our weather one day earlier. And lately....... let's just say we're having a beautiful spring.

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  1. I know I was shocked recently to hear Iowa allows SSM now. I'm hear in Wisconsin you think we all would have seen it coming. Nice to have a state so close actually agreeing to this. I'm very happy and it gives me alot of hope.