Saturday, May 9, 2009
Normally, I would just link to an article but I cannot resist copying this comment in it's entirety. That's because every single line makes absolutely no sense.

"On the subject of proper lawmaking in Augusta recently: I want to voice my disapproval of the Maine Legislature and the governor for spending state resources to debate gay marriage.
Whether or not I agree with the idea of gay marriage is irrelevant. The state or government has no business in saying "yes" or "no" to gay marriage. Does anyone recall the term "separation of church and state"?
Unless there is a safety or welfare issue, the government has no business ruling on these unions. Government by virtue of giving tax breaks and incentives for social actions has crossed the line in my mind. This is nothing more than government bias.
While there are good hardworking politicians, there are many others in it for their own egos.
I respect my forefathers, military personnel and public safety personnel too much to have any respect for the politicians tearing at the country's ethical foundation.
Spend your efforts on jobs and putting more people in jobs and fewer on welfare. "
Michael Swanholm

Dear Michael
Yes Michael, I do recall separation of church and state. I also recall that only government can make a marriage legal. So it's ONLY the government that has any business ruling on these unions. It certainly is not religion - that's called - you got it Michael - separation of church and state.
I respect every person's rights. Not just those of heterosexuals.
We should spend less money on giving rights to LGBT people. That's because these are rights they should already have. I'm with you there Michael. Make it federal law across the board. Repeal DOMA, make marriage legal, get rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell (because you and I both respect the military), pass anti-discrimination laws, pass hate crime legislation, teach our children that being gay is normal. I, too, would like to get this over with and move on to jobs.

And by the way, gay people have jobs. Gay people can lose their jobs just for being gay. Can you lose your job just for being straight?


  1. Wow…sort of reminds me of something I might ready on jaysays under Stupid Things People Say About Gays.

    The fact that marriage is a Civil Matter and not a religious matter should clearly spell out to the entire nation that the government needs to back down from religious ideology and pass legislation guaranteeing equality.

    Aside from the few states that permit common law, one must have a Civil Agreement (a binding contract) to legally be married in the United States. Religious ceremony is not mandated. Although the Religious Reich argues discrimination based on church doctrine, they fail to have a religious ceremony when a marriage ends. Why? Just as marriage is a Civil Matter, the sin of divorce is too.

    Very good article and great response!

  2. Dear Michael,
    Oh I so agree with you - time and money (and energy) shouldn't have to be spent on passing legislation giving rights to my community (the LGBT community). The reason - as geekgirl and others have said - the rights should already be there.

    Let's say (for the sake of this comment) that you were married to the woman of your dreams - the most beautiful wonderful person you could have ever imagined yourself falling in love with - and she unfortunately became very seriously ill. Would you be able to make decisions for her - decisions which could mean the difference between her life and her death? Would you be able to stay at her side holding her hand during this process?

    Of course you would and you should be. But the point is - lesbian couples and gay couples cannot (even with a civil union) make those same decisions and stay by their spouses side holding their hand .... and if things were to go horribly wrong - the lesbian survivor or the gay survivor would not automatically get the home they had made their own for umpteen years, etc.

    We are asking for the same protections and rights. Those rights have not always existed for all who have them now. It is worth the time and whatever else it takes to accomplish equality.

    If things were reversed - and heterosexuals did not have marriage rights I would be an ally fighting for your (heterosexual) rights !!

  3. "Can you loose your job for being straight?"
    For being dumb?
    He should!