Sunday, April 5, 2009

LGBT issues are our smallest problem

Oooh, I figure that title has all of you saying "What?!"
Just follow me here. Today is my birthday. The number got bigger. I'm just too old to wait for something that has been obvious to me for forty years.
LGBT rights are simple. It's a no-brainer. The best anyone can do in the way of objections is Leviticus? Words written over 2000 years ago for priests in a different land, different culture, then interpreted by whom how many times? Leviticus overrules laws written by Americans regarding equality? Huh? Enforce all of Leviticus, including the shrimp eating part - or GET RID of it.

Just pass the laws. It's a piece of cake.

And then I realized. No brainer. Yes. This is a no brainer. Those against LGBT rights have no brains. But they have mouths, money, influence. (Geekgirl reacts - Light bulb goes on, depression reappears. It ain't over yet....)

CHANGE THE LAWS. Then, let's get on with fixing the world before we melt it. Global warming (I refuse to say climate change), economics, education, hunger, health care, curing cancer and HIV and every other life compromising medical condition, opportunities for all people. We have everything we need in the terms of brains, knowledge, potential to fix our species and our planet. Use the potential of every person. Grow the potential of every person. We are all on the same planet - together. At least for a while. Don't we want our grandchildren to have a planet too?

Whew. There. Hope every birthday isn't like this. Thank you friends. Enjoy some peace on this day of rest.


  1. First of all - Happy Birthday !!! The 40's are good, the 50's are even better - lots of great things to look forward to!

    You didn't fool me : ) , I read your title and figured something good was on the way, so I kept reading. I agree with you - we shouldn't have to fight for the rights - they should already be in place.

    Just one minor addition - Leviticus was not only written for the High Priests - it was actually written BY Priests!! (We're studying it right now in a bible study)

    Hope you were able to enjoy your birthday, your special day. The other issues will (unfortunately) still be there the next day. Hope you enjoyed your own peace !