Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blogging For Truth

Is being gay genetic or biological? Would it make a difference in our attitudes? Let's take those one at a time.

As a scientist, I'm eager to contribute to Blogging For Truth, a fellow blogger looking for valid scientific studies on LGBT issues. Do I believe these studies? I've read plenty that seem valid. Beyond that, it is a reasonable conclusion, even without studies, that being gay is inherent. Sexuality is very primal. I didn't choose to be straight. And I can't see how something that comes so instinctively, so deep from within, could be anything other than biological. Some people may choose to "experiment". But that is different than their natural inclination with respect to gender.

But.... what if it isn't biological? Let's say, it is something people actively choose. And let's set aside that most people would not choose something that could get them killed, even in this country. Stay with me, I know it's not making sense. So two people of the same gender fall in love and want to be together? My answer is:

So what? I cannot see how this harms anyone. Two people loving each other causes harm?

Oh wait, I forgot, it will harm our children. Yes, my son of age twenty, who knows several of our gay friends, has been dramatically affected. He is tolerant, loving, kind, goes to church, votes his conscience, donates money to charities, loves animals.... oh and he's straight. Worse, he doesn't do drugs or drink. He doesn't smoke cigarettes. I will say he prefers the cooking of one of our gay friends over mine, and he also prefers his dog (who is much better behaved) over ours. I suppose I should be upset by that, except that.... it is also how I feel. Gee, I'm hungry now.


  1. This article you wrote is very touching, amusing and true. My homosexuality comes natural to me, though is not tolerated by most and would not have been tolerated by some members of the family. For many years I felt bad about this, but since coming out to certain family and friends I have learned to accept myself. That means finding peace with something within myself I could never change. That still does not get rid of the pain the outside world (the opposition) can impose upon me and others in the same situation as I. Even heterosexuals must come to terms with our sexuality and I know some like you have. But many have not and people like you need to help explain this stuff to them. I'm glad you are on our side of the issue and helping where you can.

    Please everyone, also check out this link and give comments. A member of the opposition needs to understand what marriage really is about.