Monday, April 13, 2009

Fair Wisconsin: We Will Not Be Silenced

Fair Wisconsin: We Will Not Be Silenced

Yep, right here in my backyard. A lesbian voiced her opinion regarding domestic partnerships in the town where she lives. And to thank her, a hate group spread anti-LGBT literature to all of the houses in her neighborhood. Fortunately, she and her partner and her neighbors bonded over this event. But think how scary this is. These people know where she lives. They tried to turn her neighbors against her and her partner. What's next? Burning a rainbow on their lawn?

Expose people who hate at every turn. They are a vocal, dangerous group. But I am convinced they are out numbered. Each of us needs to raise our voice against hate - of any kind.

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  1. Just before the election a neighbor about one block away put up a "yes on 8" sign in their front lawn. It was quite a large sign. They kept it up for quite awhile after the election even after the inauguration. Finally I looked there one day as I was turning the corner in my car - and it was gone !! Felt good.
    Happily it was the only one I saw in my neighborhood.
    I had previously put up a rainbow winsock (and kept replacing it when it wore out). One of my friendly neighbors stopped me one day to point out a problem with my winsock. It was worn out and ready to tear away from what it was hanging from. I thanked her and we exchanged smiles. After awhile I stopped replacing them because even in this southern california climate they wore out so quickly.

    I am a lesbian and I am thankful for people - like you - who are supporters and who understand.

    My neighbors still smile and say hello when I am outside and they walk by. It's fun watching the kids grow.
    Love is not about hate - except to stop hate.
    I'm hoping that the neighbor with the hateful sign felt so isolated that they will not put up any more hateful signs - against anybody.