Thursday, April 23, 2009

LGBT for Blonde Straight People - Lesson 2

I know. That was a low blow. After all, blondes don't choose their hair color. Then again, changing hair color is not as challenging as changing being gay. Shoot, another low blow.

I was trying so hard not to comment about the almost Miss California. I really did have mixed feelings about this. Do I agree with her? Of course not. Should she have lied, saying something she felt was politically correct rather than her real feelings? I vote that telling the truth was the right thing. I also agree that this was enough to base a decision to disqualify her.

But I am conflicted. The press seemed to make as much fuss about this as they do when a politician is anti-gay. Maybe more. That is what confuses me. Does it matter what a beauty pageant contestant says? Certainly there are consequences for what we say. But I'm still a big fan of free speech. And quite frankly, I want to know where people honestly stand.

It comes down to this. Until the government gives full equality to LGBT people, why do we care what a beauty pageant contestant says? If the government can get away with it, isn't that sending the message it's ok? Look at how many states have passed "marriage is between a man and a woman" acts. It's the GOVERNMENT that we need to hammer every day.

Last, I'll quote Thomas Jefferson. I may disagree with what you say but I will defend your every right to say it. That's because I want the same right. So that it's ok for me to say what I have thought about beauty pageants since I was 12 (and that was some time ago):

Beauty pageants make women into sex objects, valued more for physical beauty than their morals, intelligence or talent. When walking in high heels and wearing a bathing suit is something women strive to perfect, that's a sign we're close to crazy. Change the pageants and you'll get a different answer. Let's have a Miss/Mr./Mrs./Straight/LGBTQ Fill In Your State contest where contestants are chosen from people who have done something amazing for their community, created amazing art, music, poetry; saved lives, invented new technology, helped people heal, given foster children homes, and the list goes on. I think you get the idea.

Choose Susan Boyle from England for Miss California. I'm just betting her answer would be different.

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