Friday, April 3, 2009

Geekgirl's Defense of Marriage Act

It's time I simply take over. I'm starting with my blog but I plan to expand from here. I don't know how yet. I don't like to get bogged down by reality and tactical details. First, I have to develop the new Defense of Marriage Act.

Marriage is a legal contract between two individuals that want to share their lives, property, children, inheritance, life insurance, etc. These rights shall be given to any two individuals. Polygamy will be debated next. There's only so much I can do in one day.

First, the real purpose must be defined. Society is more functional and stable when couples and families are supported, both legally and by their families, friend, employers and greater community at large. This is a circle. Stable families create a stable society.

Second, the need for this act must be explained. Over the last fifty years, society has continued to make divorce easier and apply less pressure to married couples to work hard at marriage. With a divorce rate of 50%, the institution of marriage is clearly the largest failure of our society. From a statistical point of view, it is a bigger failure than our failing economy (8.5% of Americans are out of work, 10% have lost their homes). While I haven't checked, I don't think teenage pregnancy is at 50% nor do I think 50% of people are drug users, thieves, corrupt executives or illegal immigrants. What other institution is a bigger failure? The failure cannot be measured in dollars alone. Everyone ends up hurt and damaged.

Therefore, all couples will be required to receive counseling on what this legal contract means. Not all 1138 laws. That seems like too much. We'll boil it down to the major points.

In addition to educating couples about their legal rights and obligations, couples will also be required to have lengthy engagements. This will allow time for the couples to determine if they are really right for one another. Because, it is going to get a lot harder to get a divorce. We ARE talking about DEFENDING marriage. Marriages end through divorce. If anyone can get a divorce for any reason at anytime, marriage is not being defended. Counseling will be required before any divorce proceedings can begin.

The most significant part of this education will be a discussion about each's individuals rights and obligations as a parent, as children are often deeply affected by divorce and marital issues between their parents. Society must protect children from neglect, harm, sexual and physical abuse. Children need loving parents who will provide for their education and health, love them and nurture them. Couples need to understand the impact of their relationship on their children.

People who are allowed a divorce must repeat the counseling before they are allowed to remarry, they will have a waiting period to prove that they have grown and can make a better choice, and they must demonstrate what they have learned and explain how they intent to prevent a second divorce.

Third marriages will be illegal if the prior two marriages ended in divorce. If you can't get it right in two, just live together in sin. Special exceptions will be made for individuals who felt they had to hide in heterosexual marriages when their actual preference is for the same gender. Fear of discrimination is a reasonable explanation and we want people to be happy.

Tomorrow I take on ..... oh, it's Saturday. My day off from solving the world's problems.

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