Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sometimes it is tonight

It is 3:45 a.m. Both the dogs conspired and demanded to be let outside. This is becoming more common. I can't blame them. It's the dead of winter and with all the snow and the yard light, it's quite bright outside. We have two acres and if they see anything move, that must mean it is time to go outside. It's incredibly cold, which adds to the feeling that time has stood still out there. Will the frozen tundra ever go away? I'm not in favor of global warming - just two acre warming.

Each day there is more daylight. I actually left work in the daylight. At least I think I did. Or it could have just been my uplifted spirits now that Obama is in office.

Could someone please shut up Rush Limbaugh? He was better when he was on drugs.
Thank goodness the dogs are so unaware of world affairs. It must be why they are always happy.

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