Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009, The Odyssey

On Sunday I decided to go to church. Now, this may not sound like a big deal to you. But I have not been to church since I was about twenty. I'm not much of a Christian. Too many inconsistencies and mysteries for one as analytical as me. On the other hand, I am convinced there is something - someone - some force - that has a spiritual nature. We are not an accident. We are not alone.

I went to the United Church of Christ as they fit my liberal leanings. I was pleased with how joyous and welcoming the minister was. The sermon was uplifting. A far cry from the fire and brimstone of the Southern Baptist church of my youth. Remarkably, he talked about the first time he met a transgendered person and how that challenged his ability to truly hear and welcome this person. He compared it to welcoming learning a new language. Why is this remarkable? Because I have met, via the Internet, a young transgendered person who is truly a gifted writer and has a wonderful soul. Hard to know how the minister knew just how to speak to me.

And in one week, the church has a potluck for folks who want to discuss how the church can advance the rights of LGBT members of society. This is my kind of place. Where they focus on everybody's family.


  1. :D Funny coincedence that you picked that day, of all 52 Sunday's a year, to return to church. :)

  2. Jude,

    I am SO GLAD Orchard Ridge struck a chord with you!!! I had the same experience the first time I attended my UCC--the pastor had written the sermon just for me and I wondered how on earth he knew I was coming that day. Exactly the same thing happened the next week and I realized the origin of such a coincidence was not from Earth but rather from the Heavens. I have been there for eight years now.