Thursday, February 19, 2009

a poem - written 30 years ago - or more

Birthday Poems
birthday poems
are usually made
for little children

all of
a sudden i
don't know what's

going to
happen with you
brother; i don't

know, you
brother; birthdays are
days for being

born; shall
we be born?
it's nice to

have you
brother; sisters need
brothers to pick

on them
so they know
they're loved; brothers
need sisters
who pretend they're
mothers; so the

brothers can
be fathers but
sometimes it's hard

to find
the person beneath
the brother; happy

birthday person
love, another person

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you started sharing your poems!!! and, 30 years? who's counting?

    I love the brokenness of the form. The spacing is really random and fun and kept me reading it more then once until I could really get the flow - which does exist. It's one of those fun tricky ones that you need to search for and find, its not just blatent.
    I could ramble for hours how the form affects the content, esspecially in this piece but... I'll spare you from my pretentious literary analysis :D